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The RT-22 model is based on the RT-21 series, the most sensitive from the range of manufactured hand-held radiation detectors. Compared to its predecessor, it comes with an internal memory for storing measurement data, and Bluetooth connectivity allowing the use of an external GPS module. Its robust design makes it suitable for hostile climatic conditions. Our bestseller at the time of the uranium panic. Popular with scrap yard owners. GeoView provides specificated views on accumulated data such as survey in both doserate or cps. The RT-22 Handheld Radiation Detector can be connected with the software through USB or Bluetooth.

RT-22 Handheld Radiation Detector with GeoView Software features:

  • graphical display
  • with telescope available (RT-22T)
  • sampling period: 20/sec
  • detector: NaI(Tl) 2×2“ or BGO 2×2“, 103 ccm
  • gamma ray energy range: 30 – 3000 keV
  • highest sensitivity
  • weather protected
  • lightweight, rugged and compact design
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RT-22 Handheld Radiation Detector with GeoView Software

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