Dosimeter software DoseVision™ and DoseVision™ Tracerco

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The dosimeter PC software interface for the PED-IS PED Blue and PED+ is specifically designed for simplicity and interactivity. DoseVision™ allows users to set alarms and reports. This is to assign users to the PED, and download and analyze data.

advantages of DoseVision:

  • cumulative dose rate data analysis
  • peak dose rates
  • data export and easily generate reports
  • password protection
  • software and firmware updates available for free
  • easy management of PED users
  • GPS data logging using the PED+

advantages of DoseVison Live™:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • live dose rate data
  • management control for up to 7 devices
  • live status updates
DoseVision Live dosimeter software Tracerco

Tracerco, founded in 1958, offers a range of instrinsically safe radiation monitors which can be used to measure radiation doserate or characterise process and environmental contaminant. Tracerco, ond...


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