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The AS 3000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler (SDEC) has been designed to make sampling of aerosols and iodine on filter papers and/or carbon cartridges. It has many technological innovations like the automatic regulation of air flow and the data report on USB key.

AS 3000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler features:

  • automatic regulation of air flow from 10 to 50 LPM
  • diaphragm pump (no maintenance)
  • compatible with all paper filters and cartridges
  • automatic recognition of filter paper or cartridge per drive scanner option
  • independent pump (easy dismantling in case of contamination)
  • installation of the filter holder by quick system on horizontal or vertical axis
  • operating on power supply or battery
  • waterproof keyboard
Read more about the AS 3000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler on the SDEC website

SDEC is created in 1991 as SDEC France designs. The company manufactures, and sells high quality equipment for environmental monitoring in soils, water and air and is specialized in C14 and Tritium co...


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Datasheet AS 3000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler SDEC

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