Single Mast Electrodeposition Equipment – EDP 7000 – SDEC

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The measure of radio-isotopes is used in nuclear medicine to control and follow the contamination level of a patient who has manipuled radio-isotopes. Usally when measuring a radio-isotope, the first thing to do is to trap it and make it deposit on a support. The Single Mast Electrodeposition Equipment – EDP 7000 system is the most efficient principle for trapping a radio-element in liquid solution.This principle allow to deposit the radio-isotopes contained in a solution onto a metallic plate. To measure the quantity of radio-element trapped, the metallic plate is afterwards placed into a suitable machine (spectrometer or other one).

single mast electrodeposition equipment – EDP 7000 features:

  • synthetic materials.
  • temperature control of the solution.
  • three sizes of solution containers.
  • quick screw/unscrew.
  • easy maintenance by operator.
  • reverse polarity switch.
  • independent timer.
Read more about the Single Mast Electrodeposition Equipment on the SDEC website

SDEC is created in 1991 as SDEC France designs. The company manufactures, and sells high quality equipment for environmental monitoring in soils, water and air and is specialized in C14 and Tritium co...


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