Tritium Sampler with 2 Vials – SDEC

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The Tritium Sampler with 2 Vials (SDEC) brings original solutions in the exploitation of trapping systems for tritium gas and tritiated water. This collection system is mainly used for the detection of chimney rejects and tritium wastes degassing.

Tritium Sampler with 2 Vials features:

  • goodtrapping efficiency
  • cooling system to increase sampling length (option)
  • good price
  • constant evolution of the product
  • very robust
  • easy to use
  • connectable to all sampling lines
Read more about the Tritium Sampler with 2 Vials on the SDEC website

SDEC is created in 1991 as SDEC France designs. The company manufactures, and sells high quality equipment for environmental monitoring in soils, water and air and is specialized in C14 and Tritium co...


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MARC 5000, tritium sampler datasheet

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