Carbon 14 Sampler with 2 Vials – SDEC

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The Carbon 14 Sampler with 2 Vials (SDEC) has been designed to capture CARBON gas (CO2 or CO). It can be equipped with a cooling system that will prevent all sample loss due to evaporation in the feeding bottles.

Carbon 14 Sampler with 2 Vials features:

  • in compliance with the nf m60-812-1 norm
  • excellent trapping efficiency (close to 99%)
  • cooling system to increase sampling length (option)
  • good price
  • constant evolution of the product
  • easy to use
  • connectable to all sampling lines

Read more about the Carbon 14 Sampler with 2 Vials on the SDEC website

SDEC is in 1991 opgericht als SDEC France Designs. Deze firma ontwikkelt en fabriceert hoogwaardige meet-electronica voor omgevings monitoring van bodem, water en lucht en is gespecialiseerd in C14 en...


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Hague 7000, Carbone 14 sampler Datasheet

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