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Medical Environment Response Kit

This response kit is an ideal tool for any nuclear medicine department or emergency department. It offers a detector complement optimized for medical isotopes and includes personal radiation monitoring. The kit fits securely in a foam-padded, padlockable, rugged storage and transport case, and will easily meet the radiation requirements of the emergency response plan.

The Model 3001-MERK Medical Environment Response Kit includes:

  • Model 3001 Multi-Detector Digital Survey Meter
  • Model 44-9, Alpha-Beta-Gamma Detector
  • Model 44-2, Gamma Scintillator Detector
  • Model 44-142, Beta Scintillator Detector
  • Model 25 or Model 25-1 Personal Radiation Monitor
  • 1 µCi (137Cs) check source
  • 1 m (39 in.) long detector cable
  • Carrying case for easy transportation of the kit to the affected site

Ludlum offers several versions of pre-packaged response kits suitable for a wide variety of applications. If you desire more or different detectors, or other changes to our standard kits, please contact us regarding a customized kit.

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