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Available in two variations, Kromek’s Sigma 25/50 Gamma ray detectors are highly sensitive, fast, and lightweight replacing conventional photomultiplier technology with state-of-the-art silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs).

The Sigma 25/50 Gamma detectors offer up to 32.8cm3 of detection volume, delivered in a package providing significant benefits in cost, size, weight, power consumption and temperature stability.

CsI(Tl) has a light output of 54 photons/keV and is one of the brightest scintillators known. As well as good Gamma photon stopping power this makes CsI(Tl) well suited for Gamma radiation detection.

Robust, Small & Lightweight

The Sigma 25/50 Caesium Iodide Scintillator Radiation detectors are perfect for radiation detection in the field and in the lab owing to their small size. If you need fast detection in an easy to use package this is what you need.

K-Spect & MultiSpect Analysis Integration

Kromek’s Sigma 25/50 are available with both K-Spect and MultiSpect Analysis software which provide the spectrum acquisition, display, analysis, and storage functions.


Due to the discreet nature of the Sigma 25/50, these can be integrated into other systems. We’ve had them flying on drones and built into larger detector arrays.

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