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Real-time location, measurement, and mapping of radioactivity from the air with Kromek’s drone-based payload!

When mounted to any multirotor drone model, Kromek’s AARM payload system can be used to complete rapid, detailed radiological surveys over wide areas. Its advanced sensor system of integrated radiation and positional sensors allows isotopic fingerprinting, counts per second, and full spectral data to be collected and subsequently delivered to the user every second.

Data is also visualised in real-time in the form of a metre resolution radiation heat map on the AARM’s iOS-based app. Hotspots and anomalies can be quickly identified from a safe distance, optimal for applications including, but not limited, to environmental surveys and monitoring, as well as enhancing situational awareness and rapid response in nuclear security applications.

Flexible detector and communications options are also available, adding to the versatility of the system. Cloud-based comms allow spectral data and counts per second to be viewed from anywhere in the world. Non-cloud-based options are also available, with onboard storage of data possible as well. The payload houses Kromek’s proven radiation detection capabilities, with single or dual detector configurations of the GR1SIGMA 50TN15 or D3S. The system’s large operating temperature range further expands the system’s mission versatility, making missions possible anywhere in the world.

AARM used for mapping in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

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