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RayMon 10

A powerful and rugged handheld gamma detector for high-resolution radioactive isotope identification. The RayMon10 is one of the most powerful and rugged handheld radiation monitors in the world. It can be used to detect, measure, and accurately identify gamma-ray emitting radionuclides, providing high-resolution isotope identification using the latest CZT solid-state detector technology. It is an all in one solution to your gamma radionuclide identification needs

It can output a variety of reports including date/time, user handheld ID, photo and audio note, GPS positioning, radiation spectra, and isotope identification.

Variations in normal operating conditions can often affect the performance of radio-isotope identification, the RayMon10’s advanced one cubic centimeter CZT coplanar grid detector provides more stable performance than scintillation-type detectors

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