AS 5000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler – SDEC

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The AS 5000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler (SDEC) is a stationary equipment made for the sampling of aerosols and airborne iodine at high flow on paper filters and cartridges. It is particularly adapted for continuous sampling in stacks according to ISO 2889 standard.

AS 5000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler features:

  • automatic air flow regulation up to 100 liters per minute (6 Nm3/h)
  • mass flow-meter with pressure and temperature compensation : display of the air flow in Nm3
  • sampling compartment and electrical separated
  • detection of filter clogging or accidental leakages
  • safety : sampling head access door with key lock, differential circuit breaker
  • alarm report via relay output, (optional Ethernet output)
  • sampling parameters settings and clogging level threshold protected by access code
  • stationary installation (wall mount) or mobile installation on trolley
Read more about the AS 5000 Aerosol & Iodine Sampler on the SDEC website

SDEC is created in 1991 as SDEC France designs. The company manufactures, and sells high quality equipment for environmental monitoring in soils, water and air and is specialized in C14 and Tritium co...


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AS 5000, Aerosol and iodine sampler Datasheet

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