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Coriolis consumables are part of the cyclonic technology: the separation of the airborne particles from the air flow is due to the air flow rate, the air intake geometry, the design of the cones and the collection liquid (surfactant in low concentration).

Introduction video


  • cones & caps : The cones and caps are designed specifically for the use with the Coriolis µ
  • collection liquid doses
  • LTM consumables : collection liquid in bottle and tubing kit
  • air intake : depending of your research you can adapt the air intake
  • standard air intake : air take compatible with all Coriolis for classical samplin
  • LTM air intake : dedicated to long time monitoring collection (only compatible with the LTM platform)
  • 25 mm connection LTM : designed to propose a hose attachment (testing chamber, confined space …)

Advantages Coriolis consumables

  • dedicated cones to perform high efficiency collection
  • adaptor to connect to any 25 mm diameter connector
  • easy set up with calibrated 15 ml collection liquid dose
  • liquid collection compatible with any downstream experiment
  • cones available sterile and non-sterile
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Coriolis MICRO Datasheet

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