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The 6545VI is undoubtedly the high performance system in its class. The 6545VI has an upgraded frame with stainless steel accents, tunnel extensions, and service friendly paneling, complete with a Mobile Monitor Stand for a sleek new aesthetic. With advanced VI software, dual 22” Jitter Free Monitors and a 180 kV generator, the 6545VI generates high definition images with unparalleled clarity and penetration. This technology increases screening reliability and optimizes detection accuracy and throughput. The 6545VI x ray scanner integrates advanced threat detection, user-friendly interface, mobility and inspired design for an overall high quality system.

X-Ray Generator

Voltage: 180kV, operating at 165kV


  • processor: Intel® Core i7 2.93 GHz 8MB cache
  • memory: 4 GB RAM at 1333 MHz
  • platform: Windows® 7
  • backup: uninterrupted power supply (full system pperation- 3 min)


Display Type: dual 22” LCD color monitors (Jitter Free)

General Specifications 6545VI

  • tunnel size (W x H): 65.1 cm x 45.4 cm
  • dimensions (L x W x H): 217.2 cm x 95.2 cm x 131 cm
  • X-ray generator: 180kV, operating at 165kV

Turn-key x-ray inspection systems for mail and small packages, travel luggage, mobile cargo screening and associated metal detection equipment....


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XIS-6545VI, Datasheet

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