XIS-6040 VI-3D small parcel scanner(Semi-3D)

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The XIS-6040 VI-3D small parcel scanner features a display that rotates through three views, each from a different vantage point. With a unique 3D View experience, this model enhances operator depth perception and object visibility to eliminate blind spots.

The machine has a tunnel opening of 62,1 cm x 42 cm (23,63″ x 16,54″) and a 180kV generator, so it is a compact and powerful system. It is ideal for screening small to medium size parcels.

This Astrophysics screening system is useful in multiple fields, such as transportation, ports & borders and critical infrastructure.


This machine has stainless steel accents that accentuate the 6040 VI-3D technology. It also boasts a large, high quality image for enhanced threat detection with a 24″ LCD color monitor. Because of the (semi) 3D imaging, it reduces blind spots.


  • Stainless steel frame accents
  • High definition LCD monitor
  • Intel iCore 7 processor
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Displays images “rocking” three views
  • 6-colour imaging
  • Baggage counter
  • Choice between colour, or black & white imaging
  • Heavy duty roller casters
  • Reduces blind spots

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XIS-6040 VI-3D small parcel scanner, 3D scan showing knives and guns that are circled with a red line

Turn-key x-ray inspection systems for mail and small packages, travel luggage, mobile cargo screening and associated metal detection equipment....


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XIS-6040 VI 3D Datasheet

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