XIS-TRAILER – Astrophysics

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The XIS Trailer has a tunnel size of 100 cm x 100 cm and is the ideal solution for flexible screening. It has durable aluminum walls and roofing on a custom steel frame construction. The XIS Trailer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Significantly, this mobile screening vehicle is the first in its class in terms of standard equipment. The XIS Trailer is equipped with a powerful 180 kV generator, air conditioning, exterior lighting and uninterrupted power supply. The XIS Trailer offers a mobile solution for security gaps and has extensive standard facilities and an enlarged tunnel for more diverse screening.

General specifications XIS TRAILER

Tunnel size (W x H): 100 cm x 100 cm Dimensions (L x W x H): 623.8 cm x 228.6 cm x 352.2 cm X-ray generator: 180 kV, operating at 165 kV

Turn-key x-ray inspection systems for mail and small packages, travel luggage, mobile cargo screening and associated metal detection equipment....


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XIS-trailer, Datasheet

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