GammaTRACER Spider Autonomous Gamma Monitor for Emergencies – Saphymo

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The GammaTRACER Spider Autonomous Gamma Monitor (Saphymo) has been designed to cover the needs of first responders in an emergency scenario. Based on the proven GammaTRACER design, the probe provides reliably the measurement of the gamma dose rate and wireless data transmission to the crisis center by means of SkyLINK radio or Iridium satellite modem.

GammaTRACER Spider Autonomous Gamma Monitor for Emergencies features:

  • built-in battery for up to 5 years operation
  • innovative self-erecting design, very fast deployment
  • ultra compact design
  • emergency proof communication options
  • SkyLINK radio modem (up to 100 km/60 mi)
  • satellite modem (Iridium)
  • hermetically sealed weatherproof housing
  • wide measurement range: 20 nSv/h up to 10 Sv/h
  • can be used to quickly enhance density of existing monitoring networks

GammaTRACER Spider demo

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