Model 26-1 Frisker with integrated GM Pancake – Ludlum

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This Frisker with Geiger Mueller is the more advanced version of Ludlum’s popular model 26 frisker.

The Model 26-1 Frisker with integrated GM Pancake, is an ergonomically designed, rugged Geiger-Mueller (GM). It incorporates electronics and a time-tested GM. This product is very user-friendly because the design is simple. The device only has three buttons, which are placed so the user can operate them with one hand.

Ludlum designed this frisker in order to check for alpha, beta and gamma contamination at either objects or people.


  • Integrated, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Water-resistant
  • Employs standard 15.51 cm2 GM pancake detector
  • Can display in:
    • mR/hr
    • μSv/h
    • dpm
    • Bq
    • cpm
    • cps
  • Dead-time correction (DTC) allows gamma measurements up to 500 mR/hr
  • Simple three-button operation
  • Automatic display backlight
  • Bright red flashing alarming LED
Frisker with integrated geiger mueller pancake from Ludlum, model 26-1 with black background

The model 26-1 frisker has three different modes of operation: rate, max and count.


The device will display current radiation levels in terms of Rate.


The device captures the highest rate detected, so it’s possible to determine a peak rate during frisking operations, also when the display is not visible.


The device allows the user to perform a survey for a predetermined time.


The user-selected units can display results in a measurement of: scaler counts, activity, time-averaged rates or even accumulated dose.

All Model 26-1 options and features


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Datasheet Model 26-1 Frisker with integrated GM Pancake Ludlum

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