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The RT-20 Compact handheld Radiation Detector is a robust and compact hand held radiation detector specifically designed to quickly scan for radioactive materials. The ruggedness, small size and light weight of the RT-20, combined with its sensitive Gamma Ray scintillation detector makes it a versatile instrument for quick measurements in a large variety of applications.

RT-20 Compact handheld Radiation Detector features:

  • 1,3 kg; balanced and lightweight
  • reads in counts per second, sampling rate 4 per second
  • high sensitivity, NaI/Tl crysta
  • adjustable audio threshold
  • audio output and numeric LCD display maximum 19999 cps
  • automated warning of high dose rate
  • protection boot with carrying straps
  • supplied in aluminium suitcase with moulded insert
  • automatic charger integrated in unit
  • dust and sprinkling water resistant (IP66)
  • available with telescope (RS-111T)
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Compact handheld Radiation Detector RT-20 series

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