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In search of a sensitive and compact allround dose rate meter? The Genitron MiniTrace Y is your solution

PEO Radiation Technology introduces the latest innovation for fast and precise radiation detection: the fast and extra sensitive MiniTrace Y.
The MiniTrace Y combines the latest wishes of 2005 and is the absolute standard for the future. Everyone who is professionally active with radiation profits from the MiniTrace Y.

Because of its fast detection responsetime (1 sec.) and easy single button operation, the MiniTrace Y is a good choice for now and the future. The French power supplier Electricité de France has decided to use several thousand MiniTraces for improvement of own quality control.
Do you also want increase you your quality improvement?
Then the sensitive, fast and precise MiniTrace Y is the solution which you are looking for.

The MiniTrace Y:

  • High sensitivity
  • Max. integration time 60 sec.
  • Compact, robust and ergonomic design
  • Fast and precise detection
  • Easy single button operation
  • Fast responsetime
  • Several implementation/ measurement ranges MiniTrace (also Beta/Gamma version > 20keV)
  • Infra-red connection for adaptation institutions by administrator
  • Professional quality
  • Budget friendly price proportion.

Order the MiniTrace Y at PEO Radiation Technology now and detect your hotspots fast and easily!