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In more than 100 countries Ashland provides the specialty chemicals, technologies and insights to help customers create new and improved products. PEO mainly focuses on the ionizing radiation activities of Ashland (Gafchromic and Rad-SURE).

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Ashland Gafchromic

In medical centers Ashland’s Gafchromic radiology and radiotherapy films and FilmQA Pro software enhance patient safety and the effectiveness of a range of procedures by measuring the accuracy of therapy and diagnostic equipment, such as linacs, CyberKnife, mammography and CT scanners.

For non-destructive testing and security imaging applications when other imaging may not suitable or available Ashland provides industrial radiographic films.


  • success through innovative products in Gafchromic film
  • strong R&D
  • excellent customer service
  • good relationships

Radiotherapy QA films

Radiology QA films

Industrial radiographic films

FilmQA Pro software

Ashland | Gafchromic FilmQA Pro Software 3.0


Ashland (RAD-SURE)

At blood centers, Ashland’s Rad-Sure indicators provide positive visual verification of the irradiated status of blood units. In addition, the Dose-Map calibration system validates the performance of blood irradiators.

Outdoors, Ashland reduces the need for pesticides with the Sterin system for the Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) program. Sterin irradiation indicators support SIT, an environmentally friendly method of controlling pests by causing sterility through irradiation during their pupal stage. The indicators help ensure verification of irradiation.


  • temperature indication QA
  • FDA registered
  • CE marked
  • 20 years active on the market
  • tens of millions units used

Any questions? Or would you like to order a product from our partner? Contact us directly.