Making the invisible visible

Since 2012, PEO Detection supplies X-ray systems to make visible what cannot be seen with the unaided eye. For example, with access control systems, cargo scanners, mobile X-ray detection systems and X-ray systems for baggage, mail and small packages.

The applications are numerous. These include customs, warehouses, nuclear power plants, government buildings, airports, defence (EOD), cruise passenger terminals, media, stadiums and events.

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In-line X-ray systems

X-ray systems are also used in-line for NDT, to detect any production errors. Or in automated (laundry) systems where in-line X-ray systems are used to detect that only laundry goes into the industrial washing machines (excluding pens, paper clips etc). Our professionals look after the installation, training, software updates and after sales and service – all under one roof!

PEO Detection has experience with various applications in numerous industries. Every year, 100-thousands of scans are made for everyone’s safety!