Multi-View CT System: MVCT Cargo and Pallet Inspection Scanner

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The Astrophysics Multi-View CT (MVCT) is a unique, breakthrough solution for screening medium-to-high density cargo. By combining two complementary techniques, radiography and tomography, this high-powered system allows freight forwarders, airlines, and government agencies to perform rapid and effective cargo inspections.

The MVCT is a disruptive technology offering a significant advance in cargo inspection and security screening.

Features & Benefits

• 450kV Generator: A potent X-ray source provides high penetration and contrast screening of dense cargo. • Multiple-View Mode: The MVCT provides 7 X-ray views after each pass through the scan tunnel. Scanning only 1 pass (7 images) can process 60 pallets per hour. Optional multi-pass scanning can provide up to 35 images per pallet, giving a rotational image of 225°. • Computed Tomography (CT) Mode: To inspect complex, cluttered, and even non-homogeneous cargo, the MVCT can combine data from up to 5 multi-view passes to reconstruct a 3D CT image for review. Operators can rotate the image a full 360° to view the entire pallet, or select and view individual slices in <1 cm increments on the coronal (front-to-back), axial (top-to-bottom), and sagittal (left-to-right) planes. CT screening can process 20 pallets per hour. • Unparalleled Image Quality: The clarity of the radiographic and tomographic images allows operators to identify threats in any location within the cargo. Advanced imaging software enables operators to rotate the cargo on-screen (in 3D) and apply additional filters to maximize screening results. • Compelling Return on Investment: High-quality images lead to fewer false alarms and reduce the need for break-bulk screening. This in turn reduces labor costs and increases productivity, generating a significant return on investment within the first year.

General specifications:

• tunnel Size: 125.7 cm x 170.2 cm (W x H); • system Dimensions: 1260 cm x 453 cm x 296 cm (L x W x H); • max Cargo Dimensions: 121.9 cm x 121.9 cm x 165.1 cm (L x W x H); • net Weight1: 32,500 kg estimated (71,650 lbs); • roller Bed Speed: 0.2 m/s (0.66 ft/s); • roller Bed Capacity: 1600 kg (3527 lbs) Pallet; • scan Duration (1 pass): 25 seconds; • scan Duration (4 passes): 150 seconds; • throughput (1 pass): Typical 60 pallets/hour; • throughput (4 passes): Typical 20 pallets/hour.


• voltage: 450kV; • current, Power: 4.0 mA, 1.8kW; • cooling: Oil cooling; • beam Direction: Horizontal side-shooter, split into angled fan beams; • detectors: 7 x 2432 Channels in L-Shaped Arrays.Would you like to view the complete specifications? Fill in the form below and download the datasheet!JTVCZW1haWwtZG93bmxvYWQlMjBkb3dubG9hZF9pZCUzRCUyMjIzODg2JTIyJTIwY29udGFjdF9mb3JtX2lkJTNEJTIyMzc3OSUyMiU1RA==

Turn-key röntgen inspectiesystemen voor post en kleine pakketten, reis bagage, mobiele cargo screening en bijbehorende metaaldetectie apparatuur....


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Multi-view CT System, Datasheet

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