Frisker with Geiger Mueller Pancake Model 26 – Ludlum

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This Frisker with Geiger Mueller (GM) 26 is the simpler version of Ludlum’s model 26-1.

Ludlum designed this device especially for frisking people and objects for alpha, beta and gamma contamination. This cable-less device consolidates the electronics and the detector into one ergonomic device. The frisker has a standard 15,51 cm2 GM pancake detector and a large LCD display.


  • Integrated and lightweight design
  • Water resistant
  • Ratemeter, peak and scaler operating modes
  • Simple two-button operation
  • Count rate and scaler alarms
  • Automatic LCD backlight activation
  • Single-hand use

Another useful feature is the MAX-mode. This mode captures the highest or peak count rate. This feature is especially useful when the display is not visible for the user.

Person operating the model 26 frisker with Geiger Mueller Pancake from Ludlum
All model 26 options and features
Model 26 tutorial

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Datasheet Model 26 Frisker with GM Pancake Ludlum

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