SkyLINK Wide-Range Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network – Bertin/ Saphymo

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The SkyLINK Wireless Communication System is a wide-range, fully autonomous and private wireless network. You can use this system to transmit online data from connected low-power sensors or instruments to a central station. Unlike public cellular communication system standards (like GSM), this system is not dependant on the existence of an area covering cellular infrastructure. The system generally includes a radiological network like GammaTRACER probes and the DataExpert supervision software.

For more information about Bertin Data Transmission systems, take a look at our partner’s website!

The system structure allows its use in every situations, even in the most accidental ones (private wireless communication network and easy-to-install autonomous probes).


  • Very low power consumption
  • Operating distance up to 100 km (60 mi)
  • Private network, so no regular transmission fees
  • Easy interface to external instruments or host processors
  • Turnkey system installation
  • Long-term maintenance-free operation

Bertin Instruments is een onderdeel van de CNIM-Groep met meer dan 60 jaar ervaring op het gebied van instrumentatie. Het bedrijf richt zich op innovatieve oplossingen op het gebied van meten en sampl...


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SkyLINK & ShortLINK Datasheet

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