Intrinsically Safe Radiation Dose Rate Monitor (T202) Tracerco™

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The Tracerco T202 dose rate monitor provides key operational features like peak dose rate memory and personal dose integration. Tracerco designed the monitor specifically to combine intrinsic safety with robust and reliable characteristics.

The monitor is suitable for all kinds of markets like:

  • Oil and gas
  • First responders
  • Military
  • Life sciences
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Medical
  • Environmental agencies


  • Intrinsically safe, so no need for a hot work permit
  • Reads and records peak measurements so you can measure radiation levels remotely
  • It can be used in every weather
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Lightweight
  • Digital bar graph display and dose rate integration
  • Easy to decontamination

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Tracerco, opgericht in 1958, biedt een scala aan intrinsiek veilige stralingsmonitoren die men gebruikt voor het meten van stralingsniveau of proceskenmerken en milieuverontreiniging. Tracerco, onderd...


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