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RadTRACE is a gamma survey meter dedicated to workers and non-specialized staff subject to radiation exposure in professional applications. RadTRACE is a reliable dose rate meter designed to improve the safety of workers exposed to radiation. Robust, compact and easy to use, this instrument allows the measurement of gamma dose and dose rate on a wide range, with a very fast response time (1 sec.). The data are automatically displayed on an LCD backlit interface with an auto scale function switching between µSv/h and mSv/h for more accuracy. Initially designed for the French nuclear industry, it also offers a vibration alarm and an internal memory for measurement results.  The internal data storage allows users to record the dose and dose rate for later readout (interval free adjustable).


  • high sensitivity
  • fast response time (1 sec)
  • light, robust and pocket design
  • easy to use
  • long battery lifetime: 1,000 h

Bertin Instruments is een onderdeel van de CNIM-Groep met meer dan 60 jaar ervaring op het gebied van instrumentatie. Het bedrijf richt zich op innovatieve oplossingen op het gebied van meten en sampl...


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RadTRACE Datasheet

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