Model HBP-29 Body Contamination Monitor

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The Model HBP-29 is a whole-body contamination monitor designed to measure personnel leaving controlled areas.


  • Intuitive User-Friendly Software
  • Large Service Space in a Footprint of 900 x 840 mm (35.4 x 33.1 in.) (W x D) with Easy Access to the Service Cabinet
  • Modern Touch-Screen Display
  • Access to Ludlum’s Test Tool Software for Detector Analysis
  • Export of Measurement/Parameter Data in XML Format via USB
  • Access to Historical Measurement Data via Integrated Database
  • Remote Access via Web Browser Interface

Standard features include:

  • 29 beta plastic detectors with semiconductor readout
  • Stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and durability
  • Ergonomic detector positioning
  • Hand-detector on the side
  • Integrated 17 in. touch-screen display
  • Automated measurement process with audio-visual guidance
  • Latest industry-controller technology
  • Energy filter settings to optimize discrimination of background radiation
  • Power provided by UPS for several measurements during power loss
  • Designed to meet industry and regulatory standards

Ludlum Measurements, Inc. ontwerpt en produceert instrumenten en technologieën voor stralingsdetectie. Ze zijn opgericht in 1962 en bieden een breed scala aan stralingsdetectie-instrumenten, ontwikke...