MSD Magnetic Static Detector – CEIA

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Highly Portbale Cell Phone Detector

The illegal use of cell phones is a growing and dangerous problem in correctional institutions worldwide. These devices are a significant threat to prison security and circumvent the monitoring processes in prisons, while allowing inmates to commit new crimes both inside and outside the facility. The MSD was specifically designed to detect all cell phones and ferrous contraband concealed on the person or in body cavities (including key fob cell phones, smart phones, radio transceivers, etc.) quickly and easily. The one-piece design allows the MSD to be easily transported and operational in 10 seconds.



  • detection of magnets and ferromagnetic metals
  • carrying case for personal transport and storage
  • full-height, 360° detection (horizontal & vertical)
  • 5 individual zones for pinpointing locations of contraband on the body
  • covert operation through use of BT wireless communication headset
  • fully weather proof for outdoor use
  • 24 hours typical / 26 hours max. of continuous battery operation with 4.5 hours charge
  • one-piece and lightweight design (total weight only 21 lbs with batteries included) easily transportable by one person
  • unmatched detection in all environments without adjustment
  • extremely durable design using stainless steel and high impact reinforced plastics
  • anti-tip suction cups for securing to smooth floor surfaces (included)
  • non-emitting device: safe for use for pace-makers and other medical implants
  • throughput: 60+ people per minute (based on uninterrupted flow, separately alarms resolution)
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CEIA is een industrieel bedrijf gefocust op het ontwerpen en produceren van elektromagnetische inspectiesystemen en inductie verwarmingssystemen. CEIA heeft meer dan 45 jaar ervaring op het gebied van...



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MSD Datasheet

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