Dosimeter software DoseVision™ and DoseVision™ Tracerco

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The dosimeter PC software interface for the PED-IS PED Blue and PED+ is specifically designed for simplicity and interactivity. DoseVision™ allows users to set alarms and reports. This is to assign users to the PED, and download and analyze data.

advantages of DoseVision:

  • cumulative dose rate data analysis
  • peak dose rates
  • data export and easily generate reports
  • password protection
  • software and firmware updates available for free
  • easy management of PED users
  • GPS data logging using the PED+

advantages of DoseVison Live™:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • live dose rate data
  • management control for up to 7 devices
  • live status updates
DoseVision Live dosimeter software Tracerco

Tracerco, opgericht in 1958, biedt een scala aan intrinsiek veilige stralingsmonitoren die men gebruikt voor het meten van stralingsniveau of proceskenmerken en milieuverontreiniging. Tracerco, onderd...


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